Features of our Confectionary Sunflower

Currently, Argentina is one of the top world producers of confectionery sunflower due to its excellent soil and weather conditions that allow producers to achieve high levels of yield and quality.

Even though it is difficult to distinguish confectionery from oil sunflower, there are considerable differences in physical appearance of resulting grains and its use. Confectionary Sunflower is a robust seed and fit for direct human consumption, therefore good practices in the field and processing plant are of the essence. This is a natural and tasty product, rich in minerals and vitamins, usually recommended on healthy diets, in addition to being consumed as a snack or confectionery ingredient.

Seeds are classified according to its measurement area or proportion, which is usually known as "Size". The bigger the size the greater the value. Large sizes are fit for human consumption while small size are for pet food.


The plant provides our clients with Inshell sunflower in bags of 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg. or 50 lbs.

Inches to Millimeters

22/64 in = 0.34 in = 8.73 mm


  • 22/64 up (> 8,73 mm)
  • 20/64 (7,94 mm)
  • 16-18/64 (6,35 mm)